Sasj Stomach

Sasj Stomach

Sassi is a new surgery, which is mistakenly called Sleeve Sassi.
This method, which is very effective in treating diabetes and high blood pressure, is a combination of mini-bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery, which is performed laparoscopically.
Since part of the food travels undigested through part of the small intestine and reaches the lower parts, this is part of the subsequent operations, not the sleeve.

It should be noted that the cost of this surgery is higher than other surgeries because it is a combination of two surgeries, and of course its effectiveness is higher.

As we have said, this surgery is performed laparoscopically, and by making 4 holes in the abdomen and inserting surgical instruments from them, the stomach, like sleeve surgery, becomes narrower; Then, measuring 250-150 cm from the lower part of the intestine, it is connected to the stomach in the form of a loop. After this operation, the food moves in two directions. One is the normal duodenal route and the other is the new route of the stomach down the small intestine. This helps prevent mineral deficiencies and important blood elements; As food travels, food travels to the gut, releasing hormones, protein mediators, increasing insulin production from the intestinal wall, and ultimately reducing blood sugar, fat, and uric acid, and has no effect on the absorption of vitamins and minerals by the gut. .

Treatment of diabetes with gastric bypass surgery

In this surgery, the body treats diabetes by increasing insulin secretion from the pancreas and reducing the body’s resistance to insulin. Also, due to the small size of the stomach, less calories reach the body.

Advantages of Suspension / Stomach Surgery

✓ The idea of ​​inventing Sasi bypass surgery, getting food to the gut faster, and absorbing vitamins such as iron and calcium in the upper and lower intestines.
✓ With no change in the pylorus (the place where the food mass exits the stomach), the stomach pump and the intestinal tract, there is no disturbance in the absorption of nutrients and salts needed by the body to the required volume.
Sasi-bypass surgery is considered a metabolic procedure due to its beneficial effects on controlling type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and blood lipid disorders.
. Patients who have not received the desired result from their sleeve surgery and have the potentially low risk of sleeve surgery also benefit from this operation.
. After this surgery, there is no possibility of deficiency of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.
✓ Possibility to see the gastrointestinal tract by endoscopy and diagnosis of ductal stones (this is while it is not possible to see the gastrointestinal tract in other surgeries such as mini-bypass, classical bypass and duodenal switch.)

Who are the candidates for Sasi surgery?

People can have SAS bypass surgery with a BMI or body mass index of more than 35. Also, people who have a BMI above 30 and suffer from one of the obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be a good option for bypass surgery. This surgery has no specific age limit and can be performed from 18 to 65 years of age.

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